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  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    Currently turn around time for shoes is about 2-4 weeks! For stickers the turn around time is, at a maximum, 2 weeks. This time frame may change however as I am a full-time college student and do this completely on my own. I also receive a high volume of orders around certain times of the year like the holidays which may delay the timing as well. Be sure to check back here or look at the top of my site for the current turn around time as I will update it as it fluctuates. Thank you for being patient!
  • What type of paint is used and how does the paint stay on the shoe?
    At Kicks By Paige we use Angelus Brand paint which is made specifically for shoes! They claim that their paint is scratch proof and water proof, therefore, that is what Kicks By Paige goes by.
  • How do I know my order was completed and shipped?
    Once I finish your order and ship it out to you I will send a confirmation email with tracking information letting you know that your pair of Kicks By Paige or set of stickers is on the way to you! If there are any delays or trouble with shipping I will reach out to you directly to inform you.
  • Does the price listed include both the shoes and the cost for painting?
    Yes! The price listed under each product will include both the cost of the shoe and the cost of the custom paint job.
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